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Simple&Easy with Paradify.

The easiest way to get tracks from YouTube to Spotify by one-click.

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How to Use Paradify?

  • Once you installed Paradify extension, open a video on Youtube
  • Click on the Spotify icon and the track will be added to your playlist immediately.
  • That's it!

Usage and Downloads

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    Daily Imression
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Whatch installation and usage

Why Paradify Chrome Extension

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It's Safe

Paradify is hosted on Chrome Store. It's safe to download. It doesn’t collect any information from your Spotify account.

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Globally Used

Paradify is used around the world, in more than 175 countries.

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Totally Free

It's free of charge and unlimited usage. However, it would be really nice if you donate in order to afford our hosting cost.

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  • All Over the World
  • No Personal Information
  • Unlimited Usage
  • We need your Love, we need your support
  • In order to effort hosting cost, please donate

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Questions and answer

Is Paradify free?

Yes! But, you are free to donate to us :)

Is Paradify safe?

Yes! Paradify is hosted on Chrome Store. It's safe to download. It doesn’t break anything on your browser.

Do I need to login?

If you only use "Open and Search" option, You don't need to login.

If you want to use "Auto Save" option, Yes! Yo need to login.

Does Paradify keep my personal information?

No! Definately not... Paradify does not collect any information from your Spotify account.

Why should I use Paradify when I can search and add the tracks in Spotify by myself?

With Auto Save option, Paradify does all steps for you in one click.

Does Paradify download music from Youtube?

No! Paradify finds the song on Spotify and adds into your playlist in any case the song exists.

Does Paradify search or add the song on Spotify?

Paradify does both, you can configure it in option page.

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